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OC Hair and Makeup


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Our strong and talented team is able to work on feature films, television, interviews, print, runway, and special events. OC Hair and makeup stylists are proficient in both hair and makeup techniques. Makeup and Hair are key elements in the overall design of film and television productions, creating a look for the character in the relationship to social class, and time periods. Our makeup and hair designers are responsible to for the overall design application, continuity, and care of the makeup and hair throughout the pre-productions.

The work ranges from creating contemporary looks to recreating period designs and style, and transforming actor's physical appearance. Makeup and hair effects include paint, wigs, hairpieces, facial hair, tattoos and tattoo cover ups, blood, and physical symptoms. Ageing and death effects are also a big responsibility of the makeup and hair department.

OC Hair and Makeup is a freelance basis hair and makeup team. The hours are long and the job can involve long periods working away from home, so pricing will range anywhere from $250 for the few hours to $1200 for the day.

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